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Our Work We love what we do and we think it shows.

Creative From concept to completion. We hone the ideas, write the script, run the shoots, design the graphics, handle post-production – everything. Each client is unique. We employ our discovery process for each project to understand the goals and objectives for your video. How can we help you move the needle?

Brand Identity

Video is your brand’s biggest supporter and your marketing team's BFF. It exhibits your brands personality and tells your story like no other medium.

Product Launch

Employing a video marketing campaign for your product launch means your customer gets to experience your product and the solutions it brings.

Company Culture

Sharing your company culture lets your customers know why they choose to do business with you. It's also an effective recruiting and onboarding tool.


Fundraising videos must tell a compelling story in order to get people to care. Donors will invest in your organization if they first invest in your story.

Social Media Content

Social media video campaigns convey varied messages that are fresh and timely. And with so many platforms to feed, it's easy for your audience to share.

Service Line Specific

Service Line content highlights one revenue stream and expands upon it aiding consumers in the buying process.

Thought Leadership

Speaking to your customers' challenges with authority allows you to become part of the conversation early in the customer's journey.

Influencer Content

Having industry influencers speak about your products or service can go a long way in building credibility and trust for your brand.

Episodic Content

Episodes or a series are an excellent way to retain viewership and interest, allowing you to build an audience of ideal customers.

Real-time Storytelling

Live streaming gives key audiences such as media, key influencers and super fans real-time access to moments that matter.

Teaser Campaign

When your brand has sizzle, but is waiting for the substance, a teaser campaign builds hype and lays the groundwork for what's to come.

Branded Content

Fresh, entertaining video content to attract and engage with your target demographic.

Clients Leaders in education, finance, healthcare, technology and those working to make the world a better place are among our loyal client base.

Team We are a team of creative professionals who have honed our skills – writing, directing, cinematography, editing, animating and most importantly, storytelling – to craft engaging and powerful videos that moves your audience to act.

Contact We’ve been producing videos for 14 years and we know what works, and what doesn’t. We’re happy to share our insight and experience with you. Call us

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A full-service creative agency, Digital Cut Productions is a leader in video production & video marketing and services a wide variety of applications. Based in Fort Lauderdale and Miami with a reach through Florida, across the country and around the world, we commit our full talent and energy to each assignment, creating imaginative and inventive videos that stay focused on your goals and true to your message.

From creative brainstorming to post production, we see projects through from start to finish. And we stay on the job until you are completely satisfied – guaranteed.

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