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Professional Video Production in South Florida: Top 10 Reasons To Go With The Pros May 1, 2012

Recently a client asked, “Can’t we just shoot something with our small flip camera for this campaign?”  The answer: You can, but it will look like you did.  If your video is representing your brand, your business, your image, then you should employ a professional video production company.  Here are the top 10 reasons why you must go with the pros if you want professional results.

  1. Professional equipment – We’ve got the right gear for the job: broadcast-quality HD cameras, lighting and audio gear. Not to mention jibs, silks, reflectors, green screens and more.
  2. Experience – While you’ve been building your business, we’ve been making videos.  Our expertise leads directly to a higher quality finished product.
  3. Minimal Effort – Our experience means there is no wasted time and effort that comes from the trial and error of doing it yourself.
  4. Added Value – We provide a wide variety of ancillary services such as producing, scripting, and talent casting. And we can also advise you on the various ways to maximize your videos.
  5. Industry Partners – We have solid relationships with equipment houses, studios, casting agents, marketing and public relations pros for large scale productions.
  6. Creative collaboration – We have an established team of producers, writers, editors, cameraman and talent who bring a wealth of creative energy to each production.
  7. We know what works – And what doesn’t.  Good video consists of key elements that have to be well synchronized.  Your idea may be good, but it needs to translate to video.
  8. Technical expertise – Our tech geeks know all about formats, codecs, resolutions and compression – all of which matter for the finished product.
  9. Editing – A good editor brings it all together and makes it sing using video, sound, graphics, animations and special effects.
  10. Reputation – A poorly made video can do your brand more harm than good so go with the pros…not this guy!


Lauri Oliva

Lauri oversees business development and project management for Digital Cut Productions.

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