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Video Production: Thinking Globally April 7, 2014

It’s true, our world is getting a little smaller everyday. With technological advances in transportation and communication, businesses are no longer limited by their location, but now have access to a global audience.  We know first-hand the importance of maintaining a global mindset.  Centrally located between West Palm Beach and Miami – a melting pot of cultures and ethnicities. – Digital Cut’s clients and projects must appeal to a broad audience from Haitian to Hispanic and everything in between.

Our work with VITAS Innovative Hospice Care is a prime example of this need. The care that VITAS provides to its patients in the final stages of life is a crucial service used by a wide range of ethnicities throughout the country.  When VITAS approached us with a need to create a series of marketing videos, they stressed the importance of customizing the pieces to speak to their multicultural client base.  To accommodate, we interviewed patients and physicians in various languages – English, Spanish, Creole, Tagalog, and Arabic. – and addressed the cultural sensitivities of the various groups.  The result: our client was able to convey to their audience a respect for cultural diversity, a comforting attribute for a service that handles such an intimate time in a person’s life.

Kathleen Ahern, Corporate Marketing Manager at VITAS, stressed the importance of global thinking as it related to VITAS, “Having our videos tailored to the needs of our audience was vital.  We wanted them to address end-of-life care issues in a way that was familiar, relatable and sensitive to the needs of the various cultural groups we service.”

No matter the scale or location of a project, taking the time to consider a diverse audience is critical in today’s business environment. Digital Cut is well versed in foreign language video production and tailoring projects to fit clients’ needs and goals. If you have questions regarding a video project with specific language requirements, please contact Lauri Oliva at 954-797-6889.

Kelsey Gibson

Kelsey is the Creative Director for Digital Cut Productions. She seeks perfection when crafting a video. Kelsey is meticulous about the details of every project while keeping an eye on the big picture,

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