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Travel Moves You…And Your Audience Too. June 28, 2016

It’s that time of year again. The kids are out of school, schedules become less hectic, and the outdoors beg to be enjoyed. Whether it’s a yearly business retreat, a family reunion, or simply a drive across town for a barbecue, summertime means travel.

We took to the streets and asked today’s generation – where do you want to travel? Answers were abundant, but so were the excuses. “I’m too busy,” “It’s too expensive,” “I’m not ready yet.” Which led us to sit down with some seasoned travelers to get their take on wanderlust. Their responses not only proved the value of travel, but tugged at our heartstrings as well.

Travel is a personal and emotional experience. And as marketers, connecting with your audience on a personal and emotional level is paramount. Travel is a powerful subject matter universally understood, from the days of early settlers who longed to see new frontiers, to millennials with big dreams and long bucket lists. Everyone can relate to the powerful emotions travel brings.

You don’t have to be in the business of travel to appeal to your audiences’ emotions. By honing in on what your audience values (a nostalgic trip, a family memory) you can craft your marketing efforts to move your audience to action.

Kelsey Gibson

Kelsey is the Creative Director for Digital Cut Productions. She seeks perfection when crafting a video. Kelsey is meticulous about the details of every project while keeping an eye on the big picture,

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