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Is your Commercial Super Bowl Worthy? January 31, 2017

Before Digital Cut:

After Digital Cut:

It’s Monday morning after the Superbowl and what’s everyone talking about? The commercials, of course. Amidst all the clutter of digital and social content, most ad wizards agree that TV advertising is still an important medium for businesses large and small. But local commercials have long been the ugly step-sister to big brand advertising. We’ve all seen it – cheesy graphics, poor lighting, and cameo appearances by the owner’s kids. Consider these factors to give your local ad a national look:

Hire Actors: The talent in your ad are the face of your campaign and you want that face to be experienced and convincing. Nothing says “we’re local yokels!” like giving your receptionist a staring role.

Experienced Team: It takes a skilled and proficient production team to achieve that polished national look. “Show up and shoot” just won’t do. Creative professionals will work with you to creatively package your messaging ahead of time and arrive to set with a fine-tuned production plan.

Streamline Graphics: Graphics may be silent, but they speak volumes about your company. Busy, dated graphics scream local business while clean lines and consistency give your branding a national look.

Take a look at how our work with one local business helped elevate the way people view their company

Whether your ad is headed for television or part of your digital and social strategy, you don’t need a six-figure budget to achieve a national brand look, but you do need an experienced creative team with the knowledge and resources to get it down right.

Lauri Oliva

Lauri oversees business development and project management for Digital Cut Productions.

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