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Are You Using Video In Your Social Media Campaigns? Why and How You Should

Major social media platforms are becoming more and more video focused as consumers are gravitating towards social viewing as their preferred method of content consumption. The “consumer” of the past is now the “social viewer” of the future. And, with more than half of video content being watched on mobile devices, these best practices for social video posting will help drive the success of your campaign:

  1. Short and Sweet. Keep your social video within the “sweet spot,” i.e.,2 minutes or less. Though, the shorter the better, as nearly two-thirds of consumers prefer videos under 60 seconds.
  2. Get to the Point…Quickly. Hit home with your message within the first 10 seconds of your social video as viewer retention tends to drop after that point.
  3. Pretty, Popular, People. Use visual storytelling to keep your audience engaged with pretty imagery, popular locales and people.
  4. Silence is Golden. Most people watch social video without sound, so be sure the video clearly conveys your message. Or, consider using graphic text treatment to help tell the story.
  5. All the Feels. Try to elicit laughter, curiosity, awe, or feel-good sentiments from your audience. People will like and share these videos with others helping to disseminate your message.
  6. Think Outside the Box. Switch it up with square or vertically oriented social videos.
  7. One Size Does NOT Fit All. Since each social channel is unique, you’ll want to customize the content so that it looks and feels organic to the channel you’re posting it on. Luckily, video can easily be re-imagined to do just that.

If you meet your audience where they hang out (on social channels via their mobile devices) and give them what they want to see (engaging videos), it’s a recipe for success (brand awareness and sales!)

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Lauri Oliva

Lauri oversees business development and project management for Digital Cut Productions.

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