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Don’t Let Those Snakes Bite You! March 15, 2019

Saint Patrick chased the snakes out of Ireland. Create your own luck on your next production by not getting bit by these four common mistakes…

Info Overload

We’ve all heard the phrase “trying to shove 10 pounds of chicken feed into a five pound bag.” Nowhere is that more true than when producing an effective video. Less really is more. Refine your message to what’s most important and the results are a more powerful video.

Concept vs Budget – They must match

It cost what?! Thinking big is awesome. And when crafting your next video, start with the biggest and best ideas – can Morgan Freeman do the voice over? Then take a look at your budget. A creative video agency can help you scale that big idea to fit your realistic budget. Work to strike a balance. You can still get great video assets for fair budgets. That’s no Malarkey!

You vs Client – Less about what you do, more about solving challenges

We all know you’re the best. But when it comes to producing impactful video content, that message can make your audience tune out. It’s all about your prospects, so focus on their needs and challenges. The approach should come from the viewer’s perspective.

Quality vs Ego

Everyone wants to score points with the boss, but putting them in a video to stroke egos might not be the best approach. If the boss is the best person to speak to the product/service, then by all means, but the strongest statements may be from your clients and customers, or maybe Bob from accounting. At the end of the day, your boss would probably rather have a great video about the company, than to see his or her own smiling face.

Happy Saint Patricks Day!

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John Oliva

John Oliva oversees day-to-day operations, video editing, cinematography and production for Digital Cut Productions.