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Filming on Film pt. 2 – A Lesson in Time(lessness) November 6, 2019

Like a Ken Burns documentary or a game of monopoly, our journey in film continues. In part one of our Film Blog Series our creative team went back to basics, pulling out an old school camera and a roll of 8mm film for some nostalgic fun…er, research. After reviewing the test footage, we couldn’t help but wonder: is film still relevant in the digital age? To find out, we knew we needed to incorporate film into a real production to see if it could hold up.

Did Digital Kill the Film Director?

A perfect opportunity to introduce film into a present-day project arose for a client’s fundraising campaign video. The video involved recreating a scene that took place in the 1960s, a look we were confident could be best achieved with 8mm film. As a backup, we shot the same sequence with our RED camera, adding filters and grain to give the digital clips a “vintage” look. Back in the editing room, we reviewed the film and digital footage side by side – and it was film for the win. Even with the vintage filters and color correction used on the digital 4K clips, the 8mm film had an authentic quality that just couldn’t be replicated.

Film is Not Dead

Not just for recreating a nostalgic look, film has a place in modern-day productions. Since 2015, the number of commercials being shot on film has also grown exponentially with agencies opting to shoot film on everything from car commercials to video games trailers. In an industry that prides itself on technologic advancement, you may wonder how film survives and the answer is simple. Film is timeless. Like blue jeans or a fine wine, film’s quality, authenticity, and universally pleasing aesthetic has earned it a place in the production world throughout the generations. Fads may come and go but film is here to stay – and we’re glad to be part of the conversation.

Kelsey Gibson

Kelsey is the Creative Director for Digital Cut Productions. She seeks perfection when crafting a video. Kelsey is meticulous about the details of every project while keeping an eye on the big picture,

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