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They said it couldn’t be done. Make a cool video about sidewalks. That’s right, sidewalks… miles of cement and paved paths that run throughout the City of Parkland. The goal: showcase the city’s parks and trails and entice people to use them. The challenge: make it interesting. And because the video was part of the city’s lifestyle brand initiative #ThisIsParkland, we knew it had to deliver.

Our creative team was quick to realize that while sidewalks alone may not be sexy, these sidewalks were a conduit to nature, adventure and some good old-fashion outdoor fun. With miles of connected pathways for residents and visitors to explore and enjoy, our production plan quickly took shape and we were off and running (pun intended).

Employing top notch actors was key. Rumor has it that Finn the Golden Retriever even turned down a dog food commercial to be a part of this production. Add to that a diverse cast of human talent, a demanding director, lots of well-timed dynamic movement, aerial footage and golden hour lighting and the video was taking shape. Once in post production, we added the finishing touches – color grading, some well-placed graphics, an upbeat music track and voila…sexy sidewalks!

The takeaway being, your content need not be boring nor dull whatever the subject matter. An experienced and imaginative production team will consider the nuances and possibilities and provide varying perspectives so that your content is appealing to your target audience. And maybe even a little sexy.

Lauri Oliva

Lauri oversees business development and project management for Digital Cut Productions.