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Products are Nice, but Solutions Sell June 20, 2019

Using VIDEO to promote your product can be just the eye-opening and attention-getting factor that your company needs to shorten your sales cycle and, well…sell more products. But all too often companies use VIDEO to explain the features and benefits of the product when all your customers really want to know is …what problem does it solve.

Take the case of Pristine Pros.The company has a patented cleaning system that solves a big problem for auto dealers and car rental agencies: it destroys odors and bacteria that keep people from buying and renting cars. Because let’s face it…that air freshener dangling from the rearview mirror isn’t cutting it. But by using the Pristine Pros system, car folks can turn cars around faster, thus increasing their revenues, which we thoughtfully pointed out in the video.
Your product may be innovative or have years of research behind it, but if your customer doesn’t quickly understand the problem it solves, your video may fall flat. Show your customer that you understand their challenges, introduce your solution and then tell them how to buy. It’s really that simple. The creative approach of how to do it is where we come in. You need to separate your product from the herd and a well-curated video can do that. It’s that simple.

John Oliva

John Oliva oversees day-to-day operations, video editing, cinematography and production for Digital Cut Productions.

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