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Not Another Covid-19 Blog March 26, 2020

As China’s new case numbers are coming to a halt and its population slowly return to work, we’re reminded that this season of uncertainty will come to an end – and we want to be ready when it does. Studies have shown that social distancing has caused a spike in internet usage, making it the perfect time to communicate with your target audience.
Here are a few ways you can move forward with your video marketing initiatives TODAY:
Plan for Success:
Pre-production requires no face-to-face interaction, but it’s key in planning an effective video. Starting the pre-production process now enables you to formulate your strategy so you’re ready to start production when quarantines have been lifted.
Go for Graphics:
Graphic animation is a safe, effective way to continue your marketing efforts and it’s completely customizable. With new information and mandates being released daily, your messaging may change over time and with graphic animation those changes can be made quickly – no re-shooting required!
Virtual is the New Reality:

From campus tours to real estate walk throughs, businesses are embracing VR as a way to engage with their consumers. When in-person meetings aren’t an option, virtual is the next best thing.
The best part? All of this can be done remotely. Give us a call today!

John Oliva

John Oliva oversees day-to-day operations, video editing, cinematography and production for Digital Cut Productions.