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Healthcare Profile March 3, 2022

The MIND Institute at Miami Jewish Health cares for individuals who are experiencing memory disorders like dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease. Our goal was to create a video that depicts their mission – to treat every family, every individual as a person, not a diagnosis. We created individual stories that touch on the challenges of memory disorders but also show hope, happiness and that there is purpose in our lives at every stage of aging.

Healthcare TV Spot March 2, 2022

This TV Spot helps showcase the maternity suites at Broward Health without a boring laundry list of services. Instead we chose to juxtapose an expectant mother with the Broward Health team…both preparing for baby helping to drive home the point that Broward Health has you covered. 

Fashion April 15, 2021

Neiman Marcus Merrick Park (and some great weather) provided the perfect backdrop to premiere the luxury department stores spring/summer designer fashions.    

Real Estate Teaser January 8, 2021

The carefully orchestrated re-design of this NYC office building focuses on providing a distinct work/life experience for businesses and their employees. DCP created a video prior to the build out so that the leasing team could market the value of unique offerings to potential tenants.          

Real Estate Profile January 5, 2021

Enticing companies to relocate to Downtown Doral required a video that depicts a lucrative business environment set amid a community that offers a comfortably modern lifestyle. In Downtown Doral, it’s all possible.              

Music Video December 10, 2020

This music video, a collaboration with singer/songwriter Mark Zaden, pays tribute to the artist’s memories of his youth and the good ol’ days of fishing with his friends. To tell the story, we employed our creative prowess, an arsenal of cameras (RED, GoPro, drone & 8mm film) a few boats and a great cast of characters.     

Corporate Profile February 26, 2020

Following a significant growth year, Convey wanted to highlight its products and services, company culture and the acquisitions made in last year. Dir: Kelsey Gibson. Producer: Liza Johnson DP: John Oliva

Industrial Profile January 27, 2020

Legacy. Innovation. Excellence. To create a brand identity piece for Dayton Granger, Digital Cut focused on their fundamentals. With text graphics to emphasize key points and the incorporation of actual Dayton Granger employees, this video showcases the commitment to quality that defines their products and processes. 

Lifestyle Video October 14, 2019

Working with French interior designer Caroline Giraud was the ideal opportunity to flex our creative muscle. The project was a true collaboration with Caro as we set out to capture the essence of her design philosophy. Fortunate to have a stunning backdrop, a stable of horses and a curated collection of furniture at our disposal, the video quickly became a labor of love for our client and ourselves as creators.         

Healthcare Profile June 19, 2019

Realizing patients are making more informed decisions about their healthcare options, we worked with Cypress Creek Outpatient Surgical Center to not only promote the latest, most advanced procedures that their physicians are performing, but the benefits to having these procedures done in an outpatient center.