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Butterfly World January 30, 2019

Butterfly World wanted to remind everyone that the world’s largest live butterfly park is only minutes away. A 30-second TV spot featuring clouds of butterflies, people enjoying the park and happy music was the ticket. And for added value, the video also provided website and social media content.

BANa January 25, 2019

Our client developed a unique new sports drink and wanted to make a splash. The DCP team crafted a :30 TV spot focused on the product and its unique attributes so that consumers would be educated about its benefits and eager to buy it.          

Life of a Priest October 26, 2018

DCP was asked to create a video that told the story of the life of a priest, shining a positive light on the vocation and reminding Catholics of the dedication, sacrifice and contributions a priest makes to the community he serves. Using a docu-style approach, our team focused on a priest in his last year of service juxtaposed with a newly ordained priest, poised to take over the mission.  

Brady Infrared October 25, 2018

When it comes to predicting the future, Brady Infrared Inspections has the technology and skilled personnel to do the job. DCP produced a video campaign that shows how the company uses infrared technology (not a crystal ball) to help save their customers time and money.

M1 Concourse September 14, 2018

We pulled out all our toys to film the fastest electric car in the world at the M1 Concourse. Drones, GoPros and a steadicam helped us capture every hairpin turn and high speed straightaway!

Kia March 20, 2018

The big brand car manufacturer checked all of the above boxes when they created an experiential event at a recent blogger conference. Kia invited hundreds of bloggers to practice vlogging (video blogging) while seated in – what else – Kia’s luxury model Cadenza. The bloggers were given exclusive access to the car and talked all about its style, luxury and performance. DCP then provided the bloggers with their personal Kia branded vlogs to post for their thousands of followers to…

Valley of Fire January 17, 2018

It’s true what they say…location, location, location. Filming the all-electric GXE in the Valley of Fire. Digital Cut chose the Nevada desert as the perfect setting to shoot a car commercial. 

Highlights Reel September 27, 2017

We had fun putting together some epic images from the last year at DCP. Whether we’re filming with drones or our RED digital cinema camera, we love helping clients share their stories!

Prefix Partnership August 21, 2017

A strategic alliance with Genovation Cars, Prefix and Stafl Systems brings together a team of industry innovators who, together, are perfecting the design and build of the GXE – an all-electric super car. The video tells story of why they joined forces and their vision for the future.

DASI August 7, 2017

Customer expectations are high. In order to win business, clients expect fast, easy and reliable service. That’s where DASI delivers. DASI is a global aircraft inventory solutions provider. They came to us to ensure that their brand identity video told their story and conveyed their main message: in stock, online, on time.