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Parkland Pathways October 14, 2019

They said it couldn’t be done. Make a cool video about sidewalks. That’s right, sidewalks… miles of cement and paved paths that run throughout the City of Parkland. The goal was to showcase the city’s parks and trails and, of course, entice people to use them. The video also is part of the city’s lifestyle brand campaign, #ThisIsParkland. 

Convey Health July 23, 2019

Graphic explainer videos, like this one for a healthcare client, simplify complex information in a visual manner while speaking to the challenges of your target audience and highlighting the solutions you provide. 

Education Curriculum June 19, 2019

Marketing a mathematical curriculum for gifted middle-school students to school administrators and curriculum directors called for a combination approach – explain the benefits of the program while attesting to its effectiveness. This video did both with live action visuals and completing graphic animation.     

Outpatient Surgical Center June 19, 2019

Realizing patients are making more informed decisions about their healthcare options, we worked with Cypress Creek Outpatient Surgical Center to not only promote the latest, most advanced procedures that their physicians are performing, but the benefits to having these procedures done in an outpatient center.     

Berkeley Research Group June 19, 2019

When tasked with leveraging the publicity of a partnership announcement as an opportunity to market to new cliental, Digital Cut produced a full length video, as well as supplemental social media content to showcase the partnership and keep the conversation going for weeks following the announcement. 

Your Content Strategy June 19, 2019

VIDEO can be used in various ways to help grow your business. Watch the one minute video to learn ways to integrate video into your marketing content.                                                                 

Butterfly World January 30, 2019

Butterfly World wanted to remind everyone that the world’s largest live butterfly park is only minutes away. A 30-second TV spot featuring clouds of butterflies, people enjoying the park and happy music was the ticket. And for added value, the video also provided website and social media content.

BANa January 25, 2019

Our client developed a unique new sports drink and wanted to make a splash. The DCP team crafted a :30 TV spot focused on the product and its unique attributes so that consumers would be educated about its benefits and eager to buy it.          

Life of a Priest October 26, 2018

DCP was commissioned to produce a video to shine a positive light on the vocation of the priesthood and remind people of the dedication, sacrifice and contributions a priest makes to the community he serves. Using a docu-style approach, our team focused on a priest in his last year of service juxtaposed with a newly ordained priest, poised to take over the mission.

Valley of Fire January 17, 2018

It’s true what they say…location, location, location. Filming the all-electric GXE in the Valley of Fire. Digital Cut chose the Nevada desert as the perfect setting to shoot a car commercial.