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Video Case Studies March 9, 2018

Developing a video strategy is an important first step in the video marketing process. What results does the video need to achieve? Does it need to educate and inform? Inspire and motivate? Excite and engage? Our job is to collaborate with you to tell the story that will achieve the desired results. (Two pages, be sure to scroll down on the right)

Is your Commercial Super Bowl Worthy? January 31, 2017

Before Digital Cut: After Digital Cut: It’s Monday morning after the Superbowl and what’s everyone talking about? The commercials, of course. Amidst all the clutter of digital and social content, most ad wizards agree that TV advertising is still an important medium for businesses large and small. But local commercials have long been the ugly step-sister to big brand advertising. We’ve all seen it – cheesy graphics, poor lighting, and cameo appearances by the owner’s kids. Consider these factors to…

Why Your Production Needs a Director – Improving Your Call to “Action!” February 6, 2014

  When people think of directors, words like “Action,” ascots, and Spielberg come to mind – and little else. What does a director do anyway? Are they really necessary? And why can’t I ever name more than three? Contrary to popular belief, directors are not beret wearing, megaphone-wielding control freaks (well, most of them); they are vital to effective video production, both in Hollywood and corporate video marketing. The director’s role is crucial in organizing a production to be both…