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Video Case Studies March 9, 2018

Developing a video strategy is an important first step in the video marketing process. What results does the video need to achieve? Does it need to educate and inform? Inspire and motivate? Excite and engage? Our job is to collaborate with you to tell the story that will achieve the desired results. (Two pages, be sure to scroll down on the right)

Five Ways to Put Your Videos To Work March 3, 2017

You made the investment and have some quality video content. Now what? Sure, you put it on your website, but there should be more…there must be more. If you didn’t come up with a video distribution strategy prior to production, it’s not too late. Here are a few ideas: Debut at an Event – Gather your constituents for a showing. It’s the ideal opportunity to capitalize on the video’s effectiveness. And the feedback you receive is immediate and valuable for…

The Value of Video Marketing March 25, 2015

People are consuming digital content in many ways and through many different channels. Social media is one such avenue that cannot be ignored when targeting your customer base. Recently, Facebook for Business took steps to measure how video delivers value and improves brand awareness. What their researchers found is that the moment a video was viewed lift happened across ad recall, brand awareness and purchase consideration. Even people who never watched the video, but saw the impression of the video…