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Finding Passion in a Pandemic May 22, 2020

Finding Passion in a Pandemic, and Other Life Lessons We Learned on Set “How do we get a horse to eat at the dinner table?” This is a problem we never thought we’d be trying to solve in the midst of a global pandemic. Several months before the earth stood still, our team began brainstorming ideas for our next project – a showpiece for French interior designer Caroline Giraud. We could not wait to get started…cue the national shutdown. What…

Filming on Film September 12, 2019

With 2020 right around the corner, you can’t help feel that it’s going to be a futuristic year of mind-boggling technology. I mean, it’s a new decade, right? But if 2020 is for the future, 2019 is about all things retro – where anything vintage is cool again. Vinyl records, Polaroid’s and movie film cameras are all for sale on the floor of Urban Outfitters. Digital Cut also was feeling nostalgic for the analog days. Having shelves of old film…