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Lead Team

We are a team of creative professionals who have honed our skills – writing, directing, cinematography, editing, animating and most importantly, storytelling – to craft engaging and powerful videos that moves your audience to act.

 John Oliva | President

With award-winning talent for video production and clear vision for success, John Oliva oversees day-to-day operations, video editing, photography and production for Digital Cut Productions. Prior to founding the company in 2003, John was fully engaged in video photography, editing and production for television stations along the east coast With a passion for video and a team of sharp-eyed production professionals working with him, John sees to it that every Digital Cut Productions project is a success.

Lauri Oliva | Executive Vice President

Prior to joining Digital Cut Productions in 2006, Lauri Oliva spent more than 15 years in the trenches and at the heights of corporate public relations and marketing. Lauri oversees business development, operations, client liaison and production coordination for Digital Cut Productions, creating powerful and engaging videos to enhance client marketing efforts and grow their customer base.

Kelsey Gibson | Creative Director

With an artful approach, Kelsey seeks perfection when crafting a video. She is meticulous about the details of every project while keeping an eye on the big picture, a quality that has won her multiple film festival awards for her work. A consummate student of the industry, Kelsey brings fresh ideas to each video and like the rest of our team she’s relaxed, upbeat and easy to work with.

Dave Gau | Graphic Designer/Animator

As an award-winning animator, comedian and cartoonist Dave brings a unique blend of skills that can help breathe extra life into any production. He’s been animating professionally for many years. He has extensive knowledge of creative software suites such as Maya, Cinema 4D, and After Effects, but what makes working with Dave unique is his understanding of productions as a whole from both sides of the camera. Dave’s credits include writing, producing, directing and performing as talent, and he gets quite animated himself when coming up with new ideas.

Steve Miller | Cinematographer


Steve is a 3 time Emmy Award winning cameraman. Some of his lens work has appeared on National Geographic, Discovery Channel, ABC, CBS, NBC, ESPN and many other broadcast outlets. With over 20 years of shooting experience, Steve has a keen eye for detail and when it comes to lighting, Steve likes to take out Digital Cut’s robust arsenal of lighting equipment to give your project the most production value.